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Is Summer finally here? Let’s hope so, but even when the sun is selectively appearing and disappearing BBQs are usually on the agenda for many people. It’s true that if you don’t start making the most of the current good weather and having them soon you may miss out completely! So all you BBQers out there here are some tips and helpers to keep you going.

Many people keep to what they know – sausages, burgers, chickena and perhaps even a potato!! For all these people the Quickachips Oven Proof Basket is not only great for preventing soggy food in your oven, but also great for BBQs because it gives you control over your cooking: no more losing kebabs, sausages or vegetarian food to the coals! It’s also freezer & dishwasher safe, so cleaning won’t be a dreaded job! Don’t forget when cooking chicken to leave the skin on when possible because it will keep it moist, and if cooking steak do the same as you would in oven – leave it to rest for 10mins or so before serving. Also remember to brush your meat with olive oil before placing on the BBQ to prevent it from sticking.

For the slightly more adventurous why not try some fish on there too? I’m not a huge fan of fish cooked in the oven, but on the BBQ it takes on the lovely smokey taste which is what we all love. Monkfish and tuna are good to start with because they are quite meaty and hold together very well. Cook them in oiled tin foil with herbs. The same for vegetables – not everyone wants large amounts of meat just because it’s a BBQ and potatoes, peppers and other veg are delicious when cooked in oil with herbs wrapped in foil (par boil the potatoes first). Want a different type of salad to go with it? Just open up a tin of mixed pules/beans and mix with some pre-bought salsa, sweetcorn, peppers, onion (I also add cucumber) for a lovely salsa salad that’s super easy to make and goes brilliantly with red meat.

Dreading cleaning it all at the end? This doesn’t have to be such a horrible job because the Dishmatic Steel Scourer is ideal for cleaning BBQ’s, Grills, Hot Plates, Steel Pots, Pans and more! With refills available this fillable wand dispenses liquid through a long lasting knitted mesh of high grade stainless steel. It protects hands and saves time.

If you want your BBQ to last through many Summers to come make sure you cover it when not in use to protect it from rain, dew & dust and prevents rusting so prolonging the life of your barbecue.

This BBQ Cover is ideal for summer use, overnight cover or winter storage. It has brass eyelets for secure & easy fixing, tie cords, a waterproof laminated finish and is U.V. treated for extra long life.

Perhaps all those BBQs are making you think your garden could use a bit of tlc too, so later I’ll be going through some great products to help you care for your garden area also. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you keep squirrels from under a BBQ cover?
    We have a standard barbeque and cover it when we’re not using it. But now whenever I uncover it to use it, I see squirrel droppings and chewed tree keys on all the BBQ surfaces, as if squirrels climbed up into it and use it as a warm little hideout. I can’t seal off the area and it is outside, so what else can I do to make the area less desirable for little critters?

    • ANSWER:
      Can you at least seal off the areas on the grill where they may be crawling in? If not, do you feel comfortable setting a trap? Also I know it sounds gross but you could set up some kind of repellent using powdered predator urine. Just make sure it doesn’t actually get near the grill part. (Obviously) In the mean time here is a link to 13 home remedies to keep squirrels away. Hope this helps!

    BBQ Cover blows away constantly. Any advice on how to make it stay put?
    Where we live it is VERY windy

    Our BBQ cover blows away constantly
    Sometimes we can find it, mostly we can’t

    Any ideas about how to make it stay put?

    Thanks all

    • ANSWER:
      Hubby used a grommet hole maker to put in four metal rings along the bottom. Then he puts two hooked short bungies cord that run from the front hooks to the back hooks. It is easy to disconnect when he needs to use the BBQ, but keeps the cover down during the high wind santa anas we get.

    Is a bbq cover necessary in climates with snowy winters?
    For me it is just a pain in the butt taking the cover on and off, it gets dirty too.

    • ANSWER:
      It is not necessary but it will keep you bbq looking better for longer.. Leaving it out will cause the paint to get faded and the moisture will cause the inside to rust faster..

    I need some secret tips on cleaning a stainless steel bbq cover?
    I have a built-in FireMagic Regal II bbq. The thing is rather large and it’s all stainless steel. To clean the hood, I typically use furniture spray (it’s oil based and actually works well). The front of the hood doesn’t get too many stains.

    However, the front plate (w/controls) has black grease drips. I can easily remove the front plate if necessary. The furnuture polish doesn’t work well on that for removing stains, etc.

    I need suggestions for making that front plate super shiny w/out using an abrasive. I live in Southern Californial. Thanks.
    I’ve purposely kept this question open because there were so many good ideas. I did try the vinegar idea. It did indeed clean well if I applied a lot of elbow grease. However, if you’ve seen the size of my bbq then I could be spending hours and hours. I’ll keep trying everyone’s suggestions. Thank you for the great answers.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I buy a bbq cover that is heavy duty, maybe made from canvas. I have a 2 burner with hood?
    the cover I had is made of pvc vinyl and has fallen apart from the weather.
    I’m in Sydney Austraila

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I find a BBQ Grille cover for grille encased in stone?
    I recently encased my grille in stone, so the normal cover no longer fits, do they make covers especially for grilles that are encased in stone that would be smaller? Or does anyone have experiences in this?
    not home depot or lowes…these are specific covers needed

    • ANSWER:
      home depot

    Do I need a cover for my stainless steel BBQ?
    My brother got me a stainless steel BBQ as a house-warming gift, and I want it to last. Wouldn’t putting a cover on it make it more likely to rust, as the cover would trap moisture inside it?

    • ANSWER:
      The covers are actually like canvas, and I highly recommend them. We bought our grill at an Ace hardware store and they were able to order a cover to specifically fit it. They (and other stores that sell a lot of grill equipment, I imagine) can order one based on the measurements.

    Whats the best way to clean my vinyl BBQ cover? ?
    It has a thin furry layer on the inside? Can I put it in the washing machine?

    • ANSWER:
      Clean your Vinyl
      Never use chemicals or abrasive detergents on vinyl fabric. This can not only damage the fabric, but can permanently dull the shine of your vinyl. Gently remove dirt and stains by using a soft cloth barely dampened with warm water and the suds from a mild, neutral soap. It’s important that you use as little water as possible since water can cause the vinyl to crack. You can use a bristle brush to gently clean stubborn stains that general cleansing doesn’t remove. If you have really tough stains such ink, cosmetics, or shoe heel marks, try gently rubbing the area with mineral spirits.

      Protect your Vinyl
      You can buy special vinyl protective finishes at some hardware stores that will help to resist staining and protect the vinyl fabric from damage from exposure to the sun. It also may reduce the incidence of cracking. If you’re concerned about preserving your vinyl upholstery, this product is an excellent investment.

      Repair any Flaws in Your Vinyl
      Sometimes when cleaning your vinyl upholstery, you’ll notice small tears or cigarette burns. The best way to repair these fabric flaws is to purchase a vinyl repair kit which has everything yo

    Barbeque kings/queens! I have a three yr old bbq and i need 2 know if i need to change the rusty burner cover?
    The burner cover is made of metal, of course, but is it a danger to my food when bbqing?

    • ANSWER:
      I can’t believe you’ve asked this question!

      And the silly answer you got.

      Where the best barbecue is made is out in the deep areas of Texas, where the Mex-Tex live. Now, their ole cookers are pure and simple rust, but well used. And grandmas never thought to throw away an iron skillet that rusted either. You can season it up just the same. Smear some cooking grease (lard, Crisco, bacon drippings–whatever) all over top and bottom of the lid and build a nice big fire in it. Once that dies down you just seasoned your lid. If its in bad shape and has chunks falling, scrap off the chunks with a scrapper and do the whole thing again.

    I have a propane BBQ. The one night that I forgot to cover it up, it got ash all over it from the fires in?
    northern california. Am I able to just hose it off?

    • ANSWER:
      Hosing it off should be fine.

      The only thing that you have to watch or may want to cover is any ignitor, the generator part.

      A few have electronic ones that are under the control panel but they are fairly well protected. But the piezo electric push button “snap” types won’t work until they dry out if they get wet.

      Good Luck.

    i just bought a new stainless steel bbq grill,question about a cover for it.?
    My question is, should I invest in a cover for it or is it better not to even use a cover? Cuz in my weird way of thinking a cover would trap moisture in it and it would rust faster. Is that true or not? Any help would be appreciated.
    Blow me Joe, its a grill, not exactly what I live for everyday

    • ANSWER:
      Stainless steel does not rust. Hence the name stainless. If it is stainless the only reason to cover is bird poop. I won’t criticize your choice. I have a small Oklahoma Joe’s smoker. 1/4″ steel, made my own grates from steel floor grating total weight about 400 Lbs. Smoking ribs on Mon. Dry rub 12 hrs. then smoke for 2, low heat for 6 more hrs. Yahoo! A little potato salad, Corn on the cob, cold beer and a cigar ( CAO Brasilia ) Wife in a bikini. What more could an old man want?

    The neighbor cats have sprayed my BBQ grill cover, and now they won’t stop spraying around my BBQ. Help me!?
    When I take the cover off they stop. I just spent a lot of money on the cover and don’t have the money to replace it. I am looking for house hold fixes. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      There are pet urine stain removers (using enzymes) you can get at pet stores that could remove the pet stains, and they probably have sprays or other items to discourage cat traffic around your grill. Price for both shouldn’t be too bad.

    Looking for a BBQ grill cover?
    I am trying to find a BBQ grill cover for this grill:

    Brand and price aren’t really an issue. Thanks!
    83″ W, 51″ H and 28″ D are the grill dimensions

    • ANSWER:
      I got a super huge one at Costco for .99 I think. Try their website.

    How to cover weed mat in shady area, quickly, before a little BBQ
    We have very rocky soil, about 25 x 20 area, all under huge trees.
    How to cover the weed mat I just put down.
    Still don’t know what we’ll do long term, but the rock garden right next to it has five huge rocks for seating (with blankets on them, i guess), and a whole lot of slate that was once the front walkway.
    So, what do I use now?
    PS the more cost effective the better.
    Also, a friend suggested using blankets for the grass- maybe best to do over weed mats?
    That seems like an idea in the raw, needs some guidance…
    OK, well, any (inexpensive) ideas are helpful!!

    • ANSWER:
      for a short term fix, with a country feel to it for your BBQ, how about getting some bales of straw (has less seeds in it than hay, which would also work) popping them open and spreading the straw around over the weed matt. it makes a nice soft cushion, looks clean, and you could gather it up later to use as mulch or put in a compost heap; or pile in area where you will have plants later and let it rot.
      We had a 4th of july BBQ and it was muddy around, so we put some hay out over the mud and it worked great. Now grass is coming up there from the hay, too…. ( you may not want to use hay)
      Depending on where you live, you should be able to get straw at a feed store or even Lowes or home depot may have it. dont know how much a bale though. $ 5.00? not sure. for an area that big, I would start with about 6 bales and spread it around. that would prob ably cover nicely.
      only drawback, smokers beware of fire hazard. GL and have a great party.

    does someone know a way that i can download dirty deeds done dirt cheap by graveyard bbq(cover song)?

    • ANSWER:
      Never heard of that band . but dirty deeds was written by ac/dc

    I have a small hen that I want to bake with BBQ sauce. Should i cover it or leave it uncovered?

    • ANSWER:
      You can season the bird before you bake it (salt, pepper, your favorite herbs, etc), but you ought to leave the BBQ sauce until (very near) the end of cooking.

      The BBQ sauce contains various forms of sugar (possibly including corn syrup, molasses, and good old brown sugar), which will burn and get bitter if it’s allowed to cook for very long. Just brush or pour on the sauce during the last 15 or 20 minutes of cooking; it will flavor the food, and become slightly caramelized, but in a good way.

    Have you ever put the cover on your BBQ while it was still hot?
    Good times.

    • ANSWER:
      there is a reason why I gave up the nude grilling bbq pic!!

      It’s not because the cover was hot, i just felt uncomfortable and tempted by the hole on the side of the bbq grill for the smoke to escape.

    why do you have to cover your BBQ grill?

    • ANSWER:
      When not in use – to protect it from the outside elements of dirt, bird poop, insects, weather, etc. When in use – to keep the moisture in the meats and flavor from the smoke and seasoning stays in the moisture of the meat, chicken, pork, sausage, vegetables, potatoes, shrimp, etc. That way it all cooks thoroughly without losing any flavor or tenderness.

    What size BBQ grill cover do I need??
    I have a Kenmore Natural Gas 5 burner grill- not sure of the dimensions but need a new cover. Anyone??

    • ANSWER:
      You might want to measure that grill before you go to Lowes Depot or sears to get one because they are all kinda “universal fit” and are marked with the largest dimension that they will fit.
      I can tell you that you should look for one that is breathable fabric and not vinyl, or it will help your grill rust itself to death.

    What’s the best way to get a strong, steady fire burning in my charcoal BBQ grill, and when do I use the cover

    • ANSWER:
      align the bisquits end to end, this sometimes can be tricky, but after you have done this, your bisquits will burn in a steady (sort of all-in-one fashion) allow it to burn for at least 5 to 8 min.

      as far as the cover, after all your bisquits have turn white, you may use the cover then, this will keep them hot plus allow the underside to contiinue to burn

    What do you like to cover in bbq sauce?

    • ANSWER:
      Pulled pork, french fries, burgers (only sometimes), ribs, chicken nuggets.

    Is it true that Stainless Steel BBQ’s rust even with a protective cover?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. They keep them nice in the store with either WD40 or some other light oil. I would use WD40 on the outside, and mineral oil on the areas near the cooking surfaces. Everything needs maintenance.

    Why do Uniflame BBQ’s (Wal-mart) not have cover plates (flame covers) over the burners?

    • ANSWER:
      Because they cost half the price of a good BBQ.

    Best way to reheat meatballs with BBQ sauce?
    I’m recently without a microwave and bought BBQ covered meatballs in a grocery store in the deli… Any suggestions with other ways to reheat? Bake? How and when? Pan fry? How and when? Not sure

    • ANSWER:
      Pan them.
      Put enough water or v8 in the pan to simmer them and all the juices they came with.
      They are cooked already, so it’s up to you.
      Cover them at a low heat.

    Do the ceramic briquettes in the BBQ need to cover the flame??

    • ANSWER:
      They don’t “need” to cover, but you will get a much more efficient and even heat if you put in enough to cover completely or even “overfill” slightly. You won’t get the “hot spots” where the flame is coming up between the briquettes.

    Is it okay to leave a covered bbq grill with propane tank outside in the Michigan winter?
    It will be on our patio.

    • ANSWER:
      I live in Yukon. My house is heated by propane (well, until -40C, when it gels. Then I have to use wood.) The tank is outside, so your situation should be fine.

      BTW, while Ottawa is the 2nd coldest, it is Ulan Bator, Mongolia that is coldest. Ottawa is colder than Moscow!

      And to think I moved to Yukon from Ottawa….

      (-10C as I write this. Brrrr!)

    how can i keep the screws on my bbq grill from rusting?
    I have been diligent in keeping the cover on my bbq grill to keep it looking nice but the screws are getting rusty. I am guessing that i need to keep them coated with some sort of oil…What do you recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      You can’t.
      Ignore them, or replace with stainless hardware.

    “I want to cover you in BBQ sauce & trust me, I’ll be eating but it won’t be your ribs” Or is that too strong?
    POLL: BBQ sauce, steak sauce, or hot sauce?

    • ANSWER:
      That’s awkward.
      BBQ sauce.

    What BBQ sauce brand should I buy for my baked chicken?
    I am taking chicken breasts and covering with BBQ sauce, letting set overnight. I’m baking them til they are almost done, then laying precooked bacon, cheddar cheese slices, and a lil more bbq sauce across the top and baking until cheese is melted. What BBQ sauce from the grocery store would be good for this? I’m kinda clueless about bbq sauce! Also does this recipe sound ok??? What would you serve with it?? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If you are going to grill the breasts you should not put the BBQ sauce on them until you start to cook them. The suger in the sauce will burn on the grill. You might want to cook the bacon before putting it on the chicken to make sure it is done.

      I like Jack Daniels, Sweet Baby Rays, and Kraft makes a good one too.

    How do you remove BBQ sauce stains from hands?
    We had a BBQ almost a month ago where my mom and dad both got their hands covered with BBQ sauce. Well Im looking at their hands right now and its kinda gone but they are still stained. Now my parents shower and wash their hands everyday so please no childish “take a shower responses”. Im laughing right now because the stains wont go away and its been a month lol.

    • ANSWER:
      It’ll go away in time. In the meantime use a strong soap like Murzy suggested. =)

    Would you ever cover yourself in BBQ sauce and run through an enclosure with 100 lions?

    • ANSWER:
      I tried that only it was women and not lions and Benjamin Franklins and not BBQ sauce. The results are very similar.

    Turkey Breast/Fillet on bbq recipies, for an Oz Christmas?
    It’s Brisbane Australia, really hot, planning to (if I can find some) bbq whole turkey breast sides/fillets skin on, want some hints re stuffing. Don’t worry good cook, using covered bbq with indirect heat, that bit I have sorted. Any body out there bbq’d turkey breasts before? Thanks Merry Christmas to all Peace on Earth to Everybody

    • ANSWER:
      I would be wrapping the turkey breasts in foil and cooking skin side down. Turkey breast tends to be fairly dry and you don’t want them even drier, so wrapping in foil will keep the moisture in.

      As for the stuffing, my favourite at the moment, is:

      3 cups fresh white breadcrumbs (stale bread is best)
      1 small diced onion
      100 gms melted butter
      1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley
      2 tbls fresh chopped sage
      2 tbls fresh chopped marjoram
      1/2 cup muscatels (soaked in 2 -3 tbls brandy if desired)
      1 cup diced skinned granny smith apples
      1/3 cup toasted pinenuts or macadamias (optional)
      grated nutmeg
      salt and pepper

      In a pan add melted butter and onion. Sautee onion till soft about 5 – 10 minutes.

      In a large bowl add all remaining ingredients and when onion is cool to touch add onion and butter to other ingredients and mix till all combined. (If you haven’t used brandy to soak you may require a little more melted butter to stuffing mix).

      Make the stuffing into a ‘log’ shape and either press down firmly into a well greased cake or loaf pan and cover with foil, or also wrap this in a sheet of greased foil and seal well. Cook in the bbq alongside the turkey.

      You could try piling the stuffing on top of the turkey breast and wrapping the whole lot with foil, but I’ve found this to be somewhat messy and the stuffing doesn’t really hold together very well.

    How long, and at what temperature, should I bake 3 lbs of bbq chicken breast covered in the oven?
    They’ve been marinating over-night. My in-laws are coming over tonight, so I want the chicken to be perfect and moist.
    Also, they’re boneless! And any ideas for side dishes?

    • ANSWER:
      I would go with 350 but how long will vary from oven to oven and depends on if they are bone-in or out. Invest in a meat thermometer, they really help. You want the internal temp to be at 160 in the thickest part. I would say about 45 minutes if they are bone-in, 10 minutes less if no bone. Also to get a crispy outside with that BBQ sauce uncover them for the last 10 minutes. Be sure and let them sit at least 10 minutes after you remove them from the oven to let the juices disperse!
      Good luck with your dinner, sounds yummy!!!

      I like to inject my bone-in chicken breast with a bit of garlic infused olive oil before baking….keeps them very moist and they taste really good.

    My bbq grill is 3′ tall, 4′ wide, and 16″ deep….is it safe to buy this grill cover?
    My grill is 3 ft tall 46-47″ wide & 16″ deep… This grill cover is 3ft tall, 4ft wide and 15″ deep? That gives me about an inch or 2 extra on the width but -1″ on the depth?

    Are grill covers suppose to fit snug? Or they have to have 5″ space all around to fit over? This is my first grill, help…

    • ANSWER:
      probably won’t fit

      16″ deep grill won’t fit in a cover thats only 15″

    Is it ok to always keep your propane BBQ grill outside?
    It’s one of those large covered propane BBQ grills with the attached side burner. Also, are you supposed to unhook the propane tank when you’re not using the grill? But, then where do you store the tank? It gets even hotter in the garage than the 112(F) degrees on the back patio but I’m not sure if it even matters since the manufacturer had to have known people in the hot A$$ desert were going to be using these things.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, they are generally made to be stored outside. Just trun the propane gas off on the top of tjhe tank (hand tight firm but, not real hard will do) make sure the burners is in the off position close and put a cover on it. I also use bungee cords to hold the cover in place the wind can rip it up or blow it away. Oh but, if you live up north bring them in for the winter. Store the propane somewhere safe and detact it from grill

    Cheesy potatoes were outside for about 5 hours (covered) at a BBQ can I eat them now still?
    I put them in the refrigerator when I got home..
    Theres no bugs in them!
    They were covered with a lid the whole time!

    • ANSWER:
      Were they only potatoes and cheese or were there
      other things mixed in?
      If there were, toss them.
      The span from hot to cooling was to long.
      Always follow HACCP to know the answer.
      Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

      However, if it were only cheese and potatoes I would eat them although I follow HACCP( in most instances).

      Cheese is OK at room temp.
      Potatoes are pretty safe also.
      If something else is in it, fresh chives, meat etc etc.

    How can you keep a cat off the BBQ?
    My cat is always jumping on top of my dad’s BBQ after he uses it. He gets little footprints all over the cover and it drive my dad crazy!!! I want to get him something for Chistmas that will keep the cat off the BBQ. Keep in mind, he already has a cover. :-) thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Cats like jumping on top of things because they like looking over their territory. If they jump on something they aren’t supposed to, like the BBQ tell them “No!” and make sure they get off it right away. It’ll take time doing that because it’s a bad habit but afterwhile they’ll learn. You could get a perch for the cat so they can jump on it all they like and sleep on it, or maybe a cat bed so it’s something warm for the cat to sleep in.

    How to cook chicken drumsticks with bbq sauce?
    Hi, I have about 6 chicken drumsticks and a bottle of bbq sauce but I don’t know the steps like do I cover it up put it in the oven or fry it on the stove first? I guess I want to know the steps in making it and if so other ingredients to put in to make it more yummy. Thank you all in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are cooking inside, I would suggest that you season the drumsticks with salt and pepper. Put them (without sauce) in a preheated oven of 375-400 for about 40 minutes. Check them and see if the juices are running clear. Rosey colored juice means they are not done all the way. When they seem almost done, you can baste them with the sauce and put back in for another five or so minutes just to glaze the chicken. If you sauce them too early, the sugar in the sauce wil burn and you will have a mess on your hands. Another thing, I would line whatever pan you are using with foil. The above possible mess is awful to clean. this way you just throw it out.

      Alternately, if you have a grill outside, you can cook the chicken the same way outside turning occasionally over a moderately hot grill and then sauce at the end.

    What is the cover on the pressure relief valve on the lpg gas tank for?
    I have a new lpg tank and I hooked it up to my bbq grill and nothing came out. Do I need to pluck out that small, round, red cover?

    • ANSWER:
      That little plastic plug is to prevent debris from getting into the outlet of the gas valve, which could plug up your barbecue valves. remove it and you should be fine. I always save mine and re-insert before returning or refilling.
      Hope this helps

    How do I cook Salmon on a charcoal BBQ with a wooden cedar plank?
    I have some great salmon steaks. And I have been soaking some cedar planks in water for a couple of hours. I want to cook the salmon on my charcoal BBQ this afternoon.

    Can anyone give me any extra tips on doing this? Do I need to cover the wooden planks with tin foil, or just place the soaked wood on the grill and put the fish on them?

    Any advice would be helpfull.


    • ANSWER:
      Heres a nice recipe.

      or this one.,1977,FOOD_9936_28850,00.html

    How can I stop birds from building nests in my bbq?
    I have tried a cover but they still get in. I clean it and use it and two days later it is full os sticks again. Looking for something that will deter them from building in the bbq.

    • ANSWER:
      You have to block the hole where they are getting in or put the whole bbq in a shed or something they cant get into.

    How do I connect gas tank to a bbq?
    I bought a small bbq (my first in my life) and I have no idea how to connect it to the gas tank. I bought a one pound propane gas tank. I know it has to be connected to the regulator/control valve (according to the manual that came with the bbq) but I’m not sure how to do it and I don’t want to get hurt. Am I supposed to open the cover of the gas tank and ‘screw’ the valve instead of the cover? Please help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. When you remove the plastic cap from the propane tank, you’ll see threads on it. Look for a fitting on the BBQ that will accept the tank. Just insert the tank into the fitting and screw it hand tight.

      ***** added info *****

      Did you get it, yet? There should be a tube on the BBQ with a fitting at the end. It is underneath (usually, depends on the brand of the grill), and allows you to connect the tank at a safe distance from the heat.

    i made BBQ boneless country style ribs. it was so dry almost like jerky. why? should i cover when baking?
    i boiled them first. then put in oven. for an hour or so. around 375-400. with sauce and no cover. they were like jerky. how do i get them ‘fall off the bones tender’, even though they are boneless.

    • ANSWER:
      You did over kill. next time, don’t boil them. Season them, and put into a baking dish. Cover with foil. Bake for about three hours. Uncover test for doneness with a fork. They should be tender, almost fall off the bone. Drain the grease. Cover with a little melted real butter, to help them brown, bake about 10 minutes. Cover in bbq sauce, bake 10 additional minutes. This works with pork ribs. For beef ribs add about a cup of water at the beginning of baking. Also, for a more authentic flavor, add a little liquid smoke with your seasonings. This is how cajun people in Louisiana do it. It’s so good, it could convert a vegan!

    Preparing a salad for a long can i leave it out in the outdoors?
    I am making a bbq and decided to make salad. I am planning to put it in an aluminum tray. Question: how long can I leave it outside before it goes bad? Does it go bad since there is a cover for it? Should I put it in ice instead?

    • ANSWER:
      Place Damp Paper towels over greens w/ a few ice cubes around the top . Or if you can use a Stainless Steel Salad Bowl & put the towel covered bowl inside a larger bowl of Ice Water

    Is it safe to use tin foil underneath charcoal in a BBQ?
    When I use my charcoal bbq, which is a 14.5 inch diameter cooking area, I place tin foil all over the bottom and sides, covering the inside of the bbq. I then proceed to place the grills on and the charcoal on top, my concern is, is it safe, will any chemicals come from the tin foil?

    • ANSWER:
      No you’re fine. The foil reflects the heat making your BBQ more efficient. And keeps the drippings from making a mess all over the bottom. That’s all.

    What are some good side dishes for pork bbq??
    For dinner we are having pork cooked in the oven covered in bbq sauce. What would be some good side dishes to go with the pork?? We were thinking potato wedges!! Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      Oven fries, corn on the cob, mac & cheese, bbq baked beans, potato salad, any other kind of veggie or salad.

    BBBQ cover?
    hi i just got bbq and i was wondering if i should get the cover for the bbq. what is the advantage of having bbq cover? thank you

    • ANSWER:
      If you leave it out in the rain without a cover, it will rust. They are pretty cheap compared to replacing a grill.

    Mice get in my BBQ Grill HELP any ideas? they cut through my screen?
    Hi guys I have a major problem, I live in florida and we have a pool cage, everyone seems to leave there BBQ grill in there with a cover, anyway we just had a mouse chew up our pool cage screen and get in our BBQ grill, its disguting and rto tell you the truth i already threw away one BBQ last year because of this.. where can i store my grill to avoid mice from getting into it? are there any special covers any ideas? we will buy a new one the thought that mice were in there its disgusting! aghh

    • ANSWER:
      The last time you use your grill, turn it up high and burn off the grease that has accumulated.

      Find one of the very large citronella candles that are sold in most drug stores, and put the candle in the grill for storage.

    What is a creative name for a large bbq sandwich with the works and then some?
    I have a new idea for a huge bbq sandwich at my restaurant. It will consist of a 1/4 lb of bbq, a couple strips of rib meat, covered with slaw, pickles, cheese and baked beans. It is a very big sandwich and very sloppy as well. Feel free to be creative and thanks for your help in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      The Feast – I would call it this because it sound like your getting your whole meal in just one sandwich.
      The Chainsaw- Just sounds like a manly, hefty, filling sandwich.
      The “overload” sandwich series- you can make a couple sandwiches like this one and a have a promotional limited time only kind of thing there at your restaurant. can be a great marketing plan also.
      I don’t know that’s all I can think of right now.

    3 more Planned Parenthood/child rape cover-ups.Do they have to BBQ a fetus before libs withdraw their support?

    • ANSWER:
      Obviously they are a infantcidal organization and desrve to be shut down, now as to weather its a bar b q or put luck is anyone call

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