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Walter “Stump” McDowell has been active in the competetive barbecue circuit for more than two decades and over the years has accumulated a large collection of trophies.

The founder of Stumps Smokers also helps with fundraisers and has cooked a seemingly unbelievable 700 Boston butts in one go. In his time, McDowell has used almost any type of cooker you can think of, including charcoal grills, wood smokers, pellet cookers and fire-pits.

“I know my way around pretty much any grill there is and any meat there is,” McDowell said. “It was because of all that cooking that he decided he wanted a better smoker.”

Walter’s desire to do something about it was borne from the amount of time that was required in order to cook well on a smoker.

Q’ing large pieces of meat can take anywhere up to 18 hours for a whole hog and most smokers require that fuel be added at regular intervals to hold the correct temperature, and this drove McDowells plans forward.

“I just wanted some rest,” McDowell said. “I didn’t want to get up and throw wood every 30 minutes.” He studied the smokers available on the market and wasn’t satisfied that any of then would meet his requirements, so he decided to build his own.

“I love to learn new things, and I don’t mind a challenge,” McDowell said. “The word can’t ain’t in my vocabulary.”

He developed a gravity charcoal feeding system and airtight box with extra insulation to minimize heat loss and maximize temperature control and by using his previous experience gained from his profession in the air and heating industry, he designed an ingenious diffuser plate to distribute the heat from the firebox evenly throughout the convection chamber.

This plate effectively created a reverse-convection-oven effect. Despite McDowell’s many great ideas, the first prototype he produced was a failure.

“I couldn’t cook on it because it got too hot with the insulation, but I learned a lot,” he explained.

McDowell took his creation to barbecue competitions and asked people to try it out, and among the first people to try a Stumps Smoker, was Rob “Rub” Rugby, who is currently ranked number one on the competitive BBQ circuit and is the president of the Florida Barbecue Association.

“That first one was so ugly, we called it Frankenstein!” Bagby said.

In 2004 McDowell quit his job to channel his time and energies into the fledgling company with a investment and a borrowed welder.

Today he can’t build them fast enough to satisfy demand.

Currently there are six different versions of Stumps Smokers, comprising of the vertical models which include the Baby Stump which is intended for home use and the Platinum series which is a large volume cooker capable of holding a massive 700 pounds of meat at a time.

McDowell is always cooking up new ideas for his business and has desires to expand into the home market by operating his own retail store that will be stocked with charcoal, rubs, sauces and Stumps Smokers.

McDowell’s determination to succeed has been rewarded with thousands of loyal followers, repeat sales and glowing recommendations of his work, some of whom have purchased a Stumps Smoker purely on looks alone!

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do i book the bbq pit in Mandai Tekong Park?
    This park is in Singapore.
    I checked the AXS machine, but i cant find this park.
    Do i even have to book for this bbq pit?
    Cuz’ i almost searched the whole Google, but theres not a single site that i can book this BBQ pit in
    Mandai Tekong Park.

    • ANSWER:
      Your friend pull a fast one on you. Mandai is a protected reservoir area while Tekong is a protected Military area both distances apart.

    What is the best foundation for concrete BBQ pit?
    I want to build a concrete BBQ pit. I was wondering whether it would be better to use a bed of gravel or a concrete slab. I live in the northeast and thought using gravel would withstand the temperature changes, and would provide better drainage. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You will need both – place med sizse gravel at least 3 inches under the level of the surround dirt. Make a form to pour a concrete base for your BBQ ; after pouring at least 3 inches of wet concrete mix let it dry for at least a week. You can then safely place bricks, rocks,or whatever combines to make your BBQ pit. Because of the weight of your BBQ, you needed to supply a firm base for it to keep it from sinking in our northeastern soil.
      Suggestion; build the actual frame out of concrete blocks, line the firebed with firebricks, and cover the exterior with mortared-on rocks picked up from the area, or from a nearby creek – talk about beautiful! If you decide on this option, e-mail me and let me offer some instruction help; I have worked with rocks and concrete for the last 20 years and love to help out others that develop the same passion.

    what kind of steel do I need for custom bbq pit?
    Want to build a custom bbq pit, not sure exactly what kind of steel, thickness, where to get it, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Are you talking about for the grill surface? Is so get 1/4 thick mesh steel, it is diamond shape holes. Then have a frame of angle iron welded to it with a couple cross supports 1/3 the distance from each side. This helps keep it from sagging over time with heat. (example; 24in X 48in have a cross brace in from each side on the 48in so that would be 16in)

    Crock Pot BBQ-Pit How to roast a small chicken?
    I have a small, 5lb., chicken I want to cook in my BBQ-Pit and I lost my cookbook that came with it. Can you help me get a cookbook and how do I cook my chicken?

    • ANSWER:
      If youre using charcal you have to spread arong the pit, nothing in the center of it because it should be around the chicken. The best way is to have the chicken “standing up” in the center and avoid opening the pit. It should take you about two hours to cook your chicken and it would be ok to take a quick peek each hour. When you season..dont sprinkle, make a mixture of salt pepper, garlic( mashed or powder), oil and just a tad of vinegar (balsamic is great). Rub it on the chicken making sure you go under the skin. Yuo can use any excess to baste it every hour.

    Can I cook pork butt in a regular bbq pit to make it fall off the bone?
    Im trying to make bbq sandwiches and i want to cook the pork butt in just a regular bbq pit to get that smoke flavor. How would i do this and do i need to use wood chips and charcoal? THANKS!

    • ANSWER:
      It takes a long, long time to cook pork butt to that degree of tenderness. Possibly as much as ten hours. You can do it on a BBQ, but the heat should be indirect. Put the pork on one end and the charcoal on the other end. Provide plenty of wood chips for the first three to four hours; after that, the smoke won’t penetrate the meat any more, and you will be wasting wood chips. Maintain the temperature inside the Q at 225- to 250-degrees, and buy lots of beer to drink while you are waiting…and waiting…
      Another option is to use the BBQ for the smoking phase of the operation, then switch to a 250-degree ride in the oven to finish it off. A slow cooker (electric roasting pan, crock pot etc.) would be even better. Provide a little moisture to keep the pork hydrated while it finishes.

    I would like to know how to build a BBQ pit for a pig, But for above ground.?
    I would like to have a party in my back yard and i would like to make it a pig roast but the only thing is. my husband doesn’t want to dig up our back yard for it. So we were wondering if anyone knew how to make a BBQ pit for above ground. We have heard you can use cender blocks and tin foil. but we aren’t to sure. if there is anyone out there that know how please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      we used a large galvanized tub…new and clean…and filled it with rocks and charcoal. Then we made a spit over it…our pig weighed (dressed) about 45 pounds. The spit was run by battery at first but then we took turns turning while one basted. it was fantastic. Make sure you start really early.

    Where can I find Info on opening a BBQ pit restaurant in Florida?
    Where can I read or call regarding the regulations and laws about opening a open bbq pit restaurant in Florida?

    • ANSWER:
      You should check with your cities code enforcement office to find what permits you’ll need but also check with the city fire marshal to see what they require. A lot of time you can meet city code but not meet the fire marshals requirements and not get your certificate of occupancy. Good luck you you.

    I was thinking about attaching a brick BBQ pit 2 the bricks that make up my fireplace. Is it too close?
    the fireplace is all brick, and about 8 feet wide….want to attach the BBQ to the fireplace using the fireplace as on side of the BBQ…no overhanging trees or patio over future BBQ pit…but about 10 – 15 feet from back door….

    • ANSWER:
      That should be an excellent location as long as you can keep it structurally stable. Most municipal fire departments reccomend about 3-5 feet of clearance between a contained flame and a structure. Therefore 10 feet between your proposed BBQ pit and the building is more than sufficient. The only thing to really consider, is your usual wind directions. For example: It the wind going to blow a bunch of smoke or possibly loose ashes through your back door on a nice day?

    When taken with a camera, why does the charcoal in the bbq pit appear as glowing purple?
    The flame or something.. I mean, charcoal glows in BBQ pits right? My friend said something about the camera being able to pick up radiation that’s invisible to the naked eye or something like that..

    • ANSWER:
      im not really sure about this.. but heres my scientific reasoning about it (hypothesizing only).. hehe..

      if it happens with a digital camera.. i think that i would blame that stupid “automatic” adjustments that cause those purply or glow.. the auto contrast and brightness, and type of light source.. well, the auto contrast and brightness, when taking a picture with a strong light source such a bbq pit or fire or even the sun, will auto somewhat tweak the picture to a darker one and revealing that purply glow.. or if your digital camera has a type of light soure setting, this would filter out some collors.. such as, when set on “incandescent light” or that is bright yellow-to-orange, taking a picture on “incandescent lighted” rooms will reveal a normal picture. but when used on a “flourescent light”, your picture will turn more into blue.. or when the light source is set in “sun”, but taken in another light you’l get other collors in your picture..
      –>tungsten (use on incandescent bulbs, headlights, floodlights,etc) this setting will filter out the yellow-to-orange collor on your picture, since these light sources immit lagre amount of yellow-to-orange color.
      –>flourescent (use on flourescent bulbs, compact bulbs, LED bulbs)
      –>sun (use outdoors even when its cloudy, as long as it is the main light source).. when used on other light sources, the picture might look greenish…
      (this lightsource function is nice to play with pictures, it will give you a pro-result picture when done right.. or can even get an artistic touch when used with other light sources not intended to) =)

      if it happens to a film type camera.. well im not really sure how will it happen.. but i think i’ll have a purply glow coz its over exposed.. thats why digital cameraz have that auto light-contrast thingy.. of course, if you have those filters for your camera it might happen too..

      in the end, i dont believe that you can take a picture of something thatz invisible to the naked eye with a camera.. especially UV or IR..1st the camera was not even entended to take pictures of UV or IR.. 2nd if it did, then it would be imposible to take a nice picture under the sun..

    where can I find a user’s manual for rival crock-pot BBQ pit?
    I bought a rival crock-pot BBQ pit slow cooker/roaster that did not have a box or manual. I can’t find out how to get a manual and the missing cookbook. Help??

    • ANSWER:
      Here you are: :)

      Download The Rival Crock-Pot BBQ Pit Slow cooker/roaster here:

      Hope it helps

    Own BBQ pit to be used at East Coast Park?
    I would like to organise a family outing at East Coast Park. We intend to put up camping tents and garden tentage for overnight. During to time constraint, we r not able to get the BBQ pit at our desired location. I wonder if is it possible to bring our own bbq pit to grill our food? Do I need to get special permit?

    • ANSWER:
      If it’s either Saturday or Sunday you will have no problem pitching a tent whatsoever no permit required except for weekday only.

      There is no restriction bringing your BBQ pits, provided you do not bring the pits to the shades no burning inside there. you will see a sign that says so.

    When does that new show BBQ Pit Master on tlc air what date and time?
    When does that new show BBQ Pit Master on tlc air what date and time?

    • ANSWER:
      Thursday, December 3 at 10/9c.

    Plans for a brick pit BBQ smoker?
    I am planning on opening a small pit BBQ restaurant in Kansas. I have searched all over for plans with dimensions for building my own pit / smokers, but can’t find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You can really make them as big as you want. You just have to figure out how much you are going to be serving to make sure you don’t go overboard with it and waste a bunch of money. Prob like on 2′ Metal poles in ground then a 40″ H X 50″ L X 30″ D box on top with the proper grids and grills. But figure in how much you think your going to sell.

    Which BBQ pit is the best one to purchase from home-depot?
    My son and I would like to get a pit for my husband but are debating on brands. We have never purchased a good pit so we don’t know what to buy. We have narrowed it down to a Weber Genesis grill, or the Charmglow. Have any of you purchased these brands before and were they good products? Also what does BTU stand for and what difference does it make when grilling? I would appreciate any advise.

    • ANSWER:
      I own a Charmglow and I like it. Had a Weber and never had any problems with it. Home Depot has a Charmglow out right now with 2 separate lids so you can cook to different items at once without having to worry about it getting too hot (think steaks and fish). But they should have a pretty standard Charmglow for 9 it is still a good deal. BTU stands for British Thermal Units, essentially what that is telling you is that 10000 BTU will get hotter than an 8000 BTU. I Would go with the high BTU allows for a higher overall temp.

    Which is the best BBQ Pit Spot in East Coast park?
    I’m planning to organise a Bbq party in east coast, but not so sure which is the good spot.

    I’m looking for pit which is near to Toilet, Mac, and bicycle rental shop.

    Hope you can help me with it.

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      those around BIG SPLASH BIG SPLASH

      u can easily cross over to Mountbatten

      OLD AIRPORT road FOOD FOOD center

      lots of GOOD FOOD GOOD FOOD


      OLD AIRPORT road FOOD center

      lots of GOOD FOOD at

      joo chiat

      geylang also


      geylang serai market also

    Planning on building my dream pool home, wet bar, jaccuzzi, BBQ pit, showers Know where to get blue prints?
    I have 1 1/2 acre. Want a gated entrance, circular drive way,doble doors front entrance with pilars; the house to wrap around the pool, so it could be seen from all the rooms (3B/3B)family room, laundry room, kitchen. The pool area will have palm trees, hamacs, an outside kitchen and BBQ pit, pool with jacuzzi, and a wet bar; I love that bring the outside in feeling. Any idea where to find blue prints, or books and pictures.??

    • ANSWER:
      There are several “magazines” at the local stores like Wal-Mart, Target, etc that have nothing but page after page of house plans. Southern Living Magazine also publishes similar books. All of these will sell you sets of blue prints for your use.

      When we were looking for a plan for our retirement home, we looked through dozens of these and found a plan we really liked.

    how can i cook a ham in the bbq pit for thanksgiving?
    I want to try and make a thanksgiving ham in my bar-b-que pit and i don’t know how.
    Would any one have any ideas on how?
    I want to try and make a thanksgiving ham in my bar-b-que pit and i don’t know how.
    Would any one have any ideas on how?
    using wood.

    • ANSWER:
      Is it a Propane, Wood or Charcoal Pit?

      ok wood ..
      Begin by wrapping your Ham in Heavy foil and sure that it’s completely sealed. Place it in a shallow metal baking pan, and place on the grill. This prevents it from cooking too fast and burning. However, if your using a smoker, place it directly on the grate without wrapping it.

      Now prepare your wood chips. Soak the wood chips in a metal bowl for several hours. Now, prepare the smoker by adding 1oz Liquid smoke or Worcestershire Sauce to the water container, if you don’t have a smoker with separate water pan and are using a regular bbq pit, use a metal bowl and place directly on the grate. Then prepare the coals and let burn until their white on the corners, and no flames are present. Add a hand-full of wood chips to the coals and close the cooker. Let them smoke for about 15 minutes.

      Smoke for 45 minutes, then and another handful of pre-soaked wood chips. if using the bbq pit, remove the foil. Continue smoking for about 8 minutes per pound, or until internal temperature reaches 140* for a fully cooked ham.
      Prior to the last 15 minutes of cooking, add glaze made of the following: 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 1/2 tsp mustard, 2 tsp water to form a paste. Spread over Ham and allow it to run down the sides. Once done cooking, place on a serving platter and let stand for 15 minutes before carving.

    Where can I find blueprints for a santa maria style bbq pit?
    Hi all, I’m looking to build a grill pit in my backyard, and I was wondering where I can find blueprints for a santa maria style pit. Any help is welcomed, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I searched everything I could for you. I have a website you can check out and if it is what you need you could either order one or see how they are made by looking closely to the details. Hope this helps.

    Can I BBQ pork butt (to make pulled pork) on an outside bbq pit without a lid?
    We are getting married at a summer camp that has several big outdoor bbq pits. We want to cook pulled pork, but have only found recipes that call for a lid (for smoking purposes). Is there any way we can do it without a lid?

    • ANSWER:

    how long do I leave turkey legs on the bbq pit?
    I am going to bbq turkey legs tomorrow, and am using smoking chips… I wanted to know how long should they stay on the grill.

    • ANSWER:
      About one hour at 325/350 degrees.

    can i light a fire in my bbq pit in madera CA, 93638 today 12/1/07?
    i want to burn some logs in a pit to roast chest nuts and cook alot of steac and burgers can i burn in my bbq pit

    • ANSWER:
      It seems, based on this restriction summary for ’06 that you can BBQ on your property in a “pit or bbq”. However I would make a simple call to the local fire station and ask if you can grill some steaks on your BBQ, they may say, sure when should we stop by. 😉

      This may help you;

      And this is the restriction areas;

      Good Luck, and be safe. 😉

    If my friend cleaned my bbq pit and sprayed black heat resistant paint on to the cooking grills, what now?
    He cleaned it, and the grills you cook on have been sprayed with black heat resistant paint, I have a gas grill so would it be safe to eat food out of if I just made it extremely hot inside, or is there a way to remove the paint, or am I just going to have to get new ones?
    He also sprayed the heat plate as well if that matters.

    • ANSWER:
      i would buy new grates (the grill portion)…. i would not take a chance that some of the paint could come off on the food….

    BBQ Brisket, only using a smoker(bbq pit,cheap one from family dollar at that lol) How to cook a beef brisket?
    I’m not sure if its a beef brisket but its the ones at HEB and I haven’t bought it yet.Thanks

    I plan on cooking this for my family this week.

    • ANSWER:

      This traditional brisket takes two days to make – and it’s worth it. Serves 8 to 10.
      Difficulty: Moderate
      Day One
      Things You’ll Need
      5 to 6 lb. first-cut beef brisket
      3 c. cold water plus more as needed
      3 minced garlic cloves
      3 large onions – cut into 1/2-inch pieces
      1/2 tsp. salt
      1 1/2 tsp. sweet paprika
      3 tbsp. vegetable oil
      1 tsp. black pepper

      1Step OnePreheat oven to 375 degrees F.
      2Step TwoPlace Dutch oven containing 1 tbsp. oil in the oven for 10 minutes.
      3Step ThreePat brisket dry and season to taste with salt and pepper.
      4Step FourRoast brisket in Dutch oven, uncovered, 30 minutes.
      5Step FiveMeanwhile, cook onions in remaining 2 tbsp. oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat, stirring until onions are soft and golden.
      6Step SixReduce heat and cook onions, stirring only occasionally, until deep golden, or about 20 minutes.
      7Step SevenAdd garlic, paprika, salt and pepper. Stir and cook 1 minute.
      8Step EightAdd water and bring to a boil.
      9Step NineSpoon onion mixture over brisket.
      10Step TenCover Dutch oven, keeping lid ajar 1/2 inch, and bake 3 1/2 hours. Check every so often if more water needs to be added to pan.
      11Step Eleven Remove brisket from oven and cool 1 hour.
      12Step Twelve Remove brisket from pan and scrape onion mixture back into pan.
      13Step Thirteen Wrap brisket in foil and chill overnight. Spoon onion mixture into a 1-quart measuring cup and chill, covered, overnight.

      Day Two
      1Step OnePreheat oven to 350 degrees F.
      2Step TwoRemove fat from onion mixture and discard. Add enough water to onion mixture to measure 3 cups total.
      3Step ThreePut onion mixture in a blender and blend until you have a smooth gravy.
      4Step FourSlice brisket against the grain to desired thickness.
      5Step FiveHeat gravy in an ovenproof skillet until hot. Add brisket.
      6Step SixPlace skillet in oven and heat 30 minutes. Serve.

    How much would it cost to have a large brick bbq pit built by a contractor in texas?
    It would need to cook 4+ briskets at once so you get the size and the need for smoking capability.

    • ANSWER:
      This will depend on many factors i.e. design, type of brick used and many more.

      Contact at least 3 contractors in your area and get bids. Then choose the one that best fit your needs and budget.

    Looking for some real good seafood recipes to do outside on my BBQ pit.?
    I’ve already checked out the food networks but still haven’t found a really good one yet. I only just heard about grilling on a plank & I’d like to try that. Live in Louisiana where things are pretty spicy so please keep that in mind.

    • ANSWER:
      *Spicy Grilled Tuna

      1/3 C. Olive oil
      1 t. Salt
      2 t. Cayenne pepper
      1/3 C. Lemon juice – fresh
      3 lg Cloves garlic, minced
      3 lg Shallots, minced
      2 t. Ground cumin
      1 bunch Cilantro, leaves only, finely chopped
      6 Pieces (6 ounces each) of tuna fillet
      Vegetable oil, for greasing the grill
      Lemon wedges, for garnish

      In a small mixing bowl, combine the olive oil, salt, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, garlic, shallots, cumin, and about 3/4 of the cilantro (reserve the remaining cilantro for garnish).

      Place the tuna fillet in a large glass or ceramic dish. Rub your fingers over the fish to check for and remove any remaining bones, and pour the marinade over the tuna. Make sure the fish are evenly coated on both sides and marinate for 1 hour in the refrigerator, turning once.

      Brush a grill or broiler pan with vegetable oil and heat it to high heat. Grill the fillets for 4 to 5 minutes on each side, until done to your liking. Garnish with the remaining cilantro and the lemon wedges.

      *Firecracker Grilled Alaska Salmon

      8 (4 ounce) fillets salmon
      1/2 cup peanut oil
      4 tablespoons soy sauce
      4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
      4 tablespoons green onions, chopped
      3 teaspoons brown sugar
      2 cloves garlic, minced
      1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger
      2 teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes
      1 teaspoon sesame oil
      1/2 teaspoon salt

      Place salmon filets in a medium, nonporous glass dish. In a separate medium bowl, combine the peanut oil, soy sauce, vinegar, green onions, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, sesame oil and salt. Whisk together well, and pour over the fish. Cover and marinate the fish in the refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours.
      Prepare an outdoor grill with coals about 5 inches from the grate, and lightly oil the grate.
      Grill the fillets 5 inches from coals for 10 minutes per inch of thickness, measured at the thickest part, or until fish just flakes with a fork. Turn over halfway through cooking.

      *Cedar Planked BBQ Salmon Recipe

      8 Salmon 6 oz Fillets, Skinless
      2 cedar planks, soaked in water for 4 to 6 hours
      1 tbsp. BBQ seasoning
      sea salt
      1 large lemon
      -Crust Mixture
      Mix together the following:
      1 cup fresh dill, chopped
      1/2 cup shallots, chopped
      2 cloves garlic, chopped
      2 green onions, chopped
      3 tbsp. black pepper, cracked
      2 tbsp. olive oil
      juice of one lemon

      Preheat grill to high. Sprinkle BBQ seasoning on salmon. Combine together all ingredients for the crust mixture and spread generously over the flesh side (not skin side) of each fillet.
      Season soaked planks with sea salt and place on grill, close lid and heat for 3 to 5 minutes until they start to crackle and smoke. Carefully lift lid and place salmon fillets on hot planks, skin side down. Close lid and plank-bake salmon for 12 to 15 minutes for medium doneness. Check periodically to make sure that planks are not on fire.
      Use spray bottle to extinguish any flames. Squeeze lemon over fillets. Carefully remove planks from grill and transfer salmon to serving platter.

      *Spice Plank-Grilled Salmon

      -For the rub
      2 tablespoons paprika
      2 teaspoons brown sugar
      1 teaspoon kosher salt
      1/2 teaspoon pepper
      1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
      1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
      1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
      1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
      1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
      1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
      -For the salmon
      4 (6 ounce) salmon fillets (I used 1 whole piece of salmon rather than the 4 small fillets)

      1.Soak cedar grilling plank for one hour.
      2.Prepare grill.
      3.To prepare the rub, combine all ingredients in a small cup or bowl.
      4.Rub mixture on the top of the salmon.
      5.Place plank on grill, close grill for a few minutes and then place salmon, skin side down, on the plank.
      6.Cook covered, for 10 minutes or until salmon flakes.


      4 pounds fresh head-on Louisiana shrimp (10-15 count or bigger)
      1/2 pound prepared BBQ butter
      1 bottle Abita Amber beer
      1 Tbsp. Paul Prudhomme Shrimp Magic (or Creole seasoning)
      Tabasco sauce
      Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      Chopped parsley

      Peel shrimp, leaving the heads attached, split the back 1/4 inch and remove the sand vein. Season with Shrimp Magic and reserve. In a large non-stick skillet, sauté the seasoned shrimp in about a tablespoon of butter and oil for two minutes on med-high heat. Turn and continue cooking for one minute. Add about a half a bottle of beer and reduce to 3 ounces. Lower the heat and stir in several cold 1″ chunks of BBQ butter. Continue adding the balance of the butter, stirring constantly to make the sauce a creamy consistency. Add Tabasco sauce and chopped parsley. Serve in large heated bowls with plenty of French or sourdough bread for dipping. This is also great on mashed potatoes.

      *BBQ Crab

      2 pounds Alaska crab legs, thawed if necessary
      1/2 cup butter
      4 cloves garlic, minced
      2 teaspoon Cajun spice mixture
      1/2 cup chicken broth
      1/4 cup beer
      1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
      cooked rice
      chopped parsley, for garnish

      With a sharp knife, cut crab legs into 2 inch long pieces. Melt butter in a large, heavy skillet over medium heat. Stir in garlic and Cajun spice mixture; saute 1 to 2 minutes. Add crab and remaining ingredients except rice. Increase heat to medium high and bring to a boil, stirring gently. Cook 3 to 4 minutes, or until crab is well heated. Serve crab and sauce over rice. Garnish with chopped parsley. Makes 4 servings.
      -Cajun Spice Mixture
      Mix together 1/2 teaspoon each black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes and dried thyme and 1/4 teaspoon each dried oregano and cayenne pepper until well combined.


      2 tablespoons olive oil
      6 medium sized Louisiana shrimp
      1/4 cup brandy
      4 cloves garlic
      1 tablespoon chopped red pepper
      2 tablespoons chopped green onion
      1/4 cup sliced mushrooms
      1/4 cup chopped artichoke hearts
      3/4 cup white wine
      1/4 cup butter
      2 (6 to 8 ounce) Louisiana fish filets#
      6 ounces pasta

      Heat oil in sauté pan. Add shrimp and cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Pour brandy over shrimp and ignite. Cover immediately to extinguish flame. Add garlic, red pepper, green onion, mushrooms and artichokes. Add white wine. Reduce heat. Add butter and blend slowly. Grill or pan fry fish in separate pan. Place fish over pasta. Top with shrimp sauce. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley
      #May use speckled trout, flounder, black drum, or grouper. May substitute Gulf of Mexico steaks of tuna, swordfish, shark, mackerel, or amberjack.

      *Barbecued Peppered Shrimp

      1 c. vegetable oil
      2 Tbs. toasted sesame oil
      3″ piece fresh ginger-sliced
      1 bunch scallions, chopped course
      1 Tbs. cracked black pepper
      1 Tbs. soy sauce
      1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
      Pared zest of 2 oranges
      40 – 50 large shrimp, peeled & deveined

      In a large skillet, heat the vegetable and sesame oils until almost smoking. Add the ginger, scallions, pepper, soy sauce, cayenne and orange zest. Cool completely, and then add the raw shrimp. Marinate overnight in the refrigerator.
      When marinated, push 2 or 3 shrimp onto small wooden skewers (that have been soaked overnight in water), place filled skewers in plastic bag. Take to the picnic, barbecue over hot coals until pink. Watch carefully – they will cook very quickly. (Also can be stir fried in hot saute’ pan on stove and served with toothpicks.)

      *New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp

      16 jumbo Louisiana shrimp with heads and unpeeled
      1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce
      2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (about 2 lemons)
      2 teaspoons ground black pepper
      2 teaspoons cracked black pepper
      2 teaspoons Creole seasoning
      1 teaspoon minced garlic
      1 1/2 cups cold unsalted butter
      French bread, as accompaniment

      In a large skillet, combine Louisiana shrimp, Worcestershire, lemon juice, black peppers, Creole seasoning, and garlic and cook over moderately high heat until shrimp turn pink, about 1 minute on each side. Reduce heat to moderate and stir in butter, a few cubes at a time, stirring constantly and adding more only when butter is melted. Remove skillet from heat. Place shrimp in a bowl and pour sauce over top. Serve with French bread for dipping. Serves 2 as an entrée or 4 as an appetizer.

      *Southern Comfort Barbeque
      Alligator Ribs

      4 packs crab boil
      6 onions, chopped
      3 bunches celery, chopped
      12 lemons, halved
      6 cloves garlic, chopped
      2 cups Worcestershire sauce
      2 handfuls peppercorns
      4 Tbsp. lemon pepper seasoning
      20 lbs. Louisiana alligator ribs, trimmed

      Bring water and seasonings to a boil, add ribs, and bring back up to a boil. Continue to boil ribs until meat begins to pull away from the bone. Remove ribs from water, cool; and refrigerate for 4 hours or more. Place ribs on BBQ pit, grill and add Southern Comfort Barbeque Sauce.

      -SoCo Barbeque Sauce
      1 cup Southern Comfort
      1cup molasses
      3 cups ketchup
      ½ cup maple syrup
      ½ cup honey
      1/3 cup barbeque rub
      1 Tbsp. granulated garlic
      2 Tbsp. lemon pepper seasoning
      2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

      Combine ingredients in sauce pot and bring to a boil. Boil for ten minutes, lower to a simmer for twenty minutes.

      ENJOY :-)

    Will the world end if I build a teensy weensy fire in a bbq pit on my balcony?
    The lease says I have to be 20 feet away, but the grill is really small, only 18 inches high and its not windy. You think I’d burn down the building?

    • ANSWER:
      No, but in this case don’t take chances. If the lease says 20 feet and your 19.9 feet away they can still hold you responsible if anything happens.

    I will be roasting a pig in my charcoal bbq pit and having a bonfire in celebration of Earth Day?
    Will anyone else be doing the same? I plan to be using plastic and styrofoam plates and cups too.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m taking up a collection to launch fire extinguishers at the sun….. you know… the SOURCE of all global warming!?!?!

      Laugh all you want, some Gore devotee probably thinks I’m on to something.

    Does anyone out there have the instruction manual and recipe booklet that comes with the Rival BBQ Pit BB100?
    when I bought this it didn’t have the manuals but before I have gotten on the websites and can download them no luck on this one BB100 Rival BBQ Pit crockpot all help would be NICE Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I have the Rival crock pot BBQ pit …. email me, what do you need

    Which of the two is a better BBQ pit to purchase?
    My son and I don’t know what grill to get my husband. I’d like to know if any of you have purchased the following grills, and how would you rate them?
    Weber Genesis E320 gas grill (9.00), and the Charmglow stainless steel gas grill (9.00). Also what does BTU stand for and would these numbers affect the quality of meat taste? We want to buy this grill from Home Depot, but just can’t make up our minds on what to buy. We have never purchased a more expensive grill before, I think the most we’ve spent was .00. Please give honest opinion, and also if you have any other suggestions, I will consider them. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      If there is only 3 people in your family, unless you are going to be cooking for a crowd, look for a grill that has a reasonable amount of space for cooking a couple of chickens at a time, or maybe six – eight hamburgers. What you listed seems like over-kill to me. BTU ratings = 1 pound of propane usage will equal 12,000 BTUs per hour. If your grill is 36,000 BTU, at full power, yuo will use 3 pounds of propane per hour. Look for a grill that is versatile and matches what you plan on cooking, versus just spending a lot of money.

    how to start a bbq pit concession trailer business in south florida,any advise?
    what i have to do,i like to start a small business,but i have no idea from where to start,i am in number 0 step and need help please,i don t want to spend 10,000 in a trailer and get stock with it,thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      go to county local office and ask for information re vendor’s permit, health dept. registration of small business, sales tax. next check where you are going to rent a place, insurance etc.

    If I cook a Brisket in the oven 1st. Can I throw it on my BBQ pit to crisp up the outside?
    Or will it fall apart on the grill?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want it to be crisp in the oven. Go to broil for the first 15 minutes after the oven heated up.

    Is the smoke blowing from a bbq pit harmful to my dog?
    My dad is barbeque-ing outside and my dog is out there, too. The smoke is blowing right in my dog’s face. Will the smoke do anything to her?

    • ANSWER:
      Only if the dog inhales it for hours, days, etc. A little bit every now and then isn’t going to harm the dog.

      It’s no different than cooking something on the stove, maybe burning something on the stove, and the dog breathing that in.

      Let’s put it this way..the fumes from hair spray, perfumes, cleaning supplies, etc etc etc are more harmful, yet dogs aren’t keeling over dead from them…

      I wonder why the first two posters are so paranoid about BBQ smoke, but aren’t worried about any of that other stuff, which actually IS unhealthy?

      Leave the dog outside. Don’t teach the dog to become paranoid over everything.

    How do you make a whole hog BBQ pit and rack to cook and turn it.?
    Like out of cinder block or brick. A rack made of some kind of metal. Hey what about making a rotiserie?

    • ANSWER:
      You want all this with plans and recipes for free?
      If you use your search engine you to can find the plans instead of using plans from all the ‘experts’ here.
      But I wouldn’t mind an invite to the occasion!

    Anyone have a recipe for a fresh wild pig ham, preferably done on the BBQ pit?

    This recipe sent in for 8 cups of marinade for a 15-20 lb. pig, is it suppose to be injected in the pig or what? I don’t have a whole pig just the ham part. I was thinking about marinating the ham in a zip-lock bag.

    • ANSWER:
      1 (15 to 20 pound suckling pig
      8 cups Marinade, recipe follows

      Break the spine of the pig with a cleaver from head to tail to allow the animal to lie flat on the grill. Marinate the pig for 2 hours before placing it over the coals.
      Prepare the barbeque pit with coals. The coals are ready when they glow and are covered with a white ash. Have extra coals and oak wood on the side to add to the fire when needed, enough to keep the fire burning for 3 hours.

      To gauge the temperature of the fire pit, hold your hand 18 inches away from the coals. You should be able to hold your hand over the fire for 4 to 5 seconds before pulling it away. If you can hold your hand longer over the fire it means there is not enough heat, if less the coals are too hot.

      Remove the pig from the marinade. Place the pig rib cage facing down towards the coals and cook for about 2 1/2 hours. Do not leave the fire unattended. Turn the pig on to its back and cook for another 1/2 to 1 hour, or until the pigs skin is crisp and the internal temperature reaches a minimum of 160 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer. Throughout the cooking time, check the fire temperature constantly and move the coals around to create a uniform temperature to prevent burning the pig.

      Once the pig is done cooking, serve with fresh salads, chimichurri, and plenty of Chilean wine.

      3 cups vegetable oil
      4 1/2 cups dry white wine (recommended: Chilean Sauvignon Blanc)
      1 1/2 cups chopped onions or scallions
      3/4 cup minced fresh Italian parsley leaves
      3 teaspoons chopped garlic
      6 teaspoons dried thyme
      6 teaspoons dried oregano
      3 teaspoons black pepper
      3 teaspoons ground cumin
      6 teaspoons salt

      Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. This marinade can be prepared a day in advance.

    Is it safe to use a used water heater for a bbq pit ?
    I bought one for like 100 bucks today. Bringing it home I found out it was made from a water heater and that it may not be safe. It’s pretty sturdy and looks good but not I am scared to use it. Can I do anything to make is safe?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask a plumber. I thought water heaters were lined with glass. That wouldn’t work.

    What’s a good site for BBQ pit plans?
    I’m looking to build a BBQ in my back yard out of bricks or something and would like to find some plans on how to.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some styles complete with plans and bill of materials. Enjoy!

      And here’s more

    I have a bbq pit w/firebox, what is the key to keeping the fire hot?
    do I need to continuously add wood, or leave the firebox door open.

    • ANSWER:
      it’s all about the draft. properly damped a good chunk of wood should last a long time and burn with a constant steady heat. play with your damper and draft vents.

    Can I marinade boneless skinless chicken in Open Pit BBQ sauce?
    I’m planning on cooking in about 6 hours. Can I marinade the chicken in the BBQ sauce now? It’s still frozen. Would that be an issue? Should I add anything extra or can you give me any tips?

    • ANSWER:
      microwave the chicken to thaw, then put in a ziploc bag (or a seal a meal bag)with bbq marinade

    Whats the easist way to clean my Stainless Steel BBQ pit?
    Can I use Easy Off? What works the best/easiest?

    • ANSWER:
      steam! you can buy a steam cleaner for about at target and it works on many many household cleaning projects. if you can’t part with the right now, get some rubber gloves and use hot, hot, hot water and mild degreaser soap. for the parts that are removeable, soak them in hot hot hot water and soap for a while.

    How long do you cook beer can chicken on the BBQ pit?

    • ANSWER:
      According to Paula –
      What a great idea for dinner tonight! Wish I’d thought of it!

      Transfer the bird-on-a-can to your grill and place in the center of the grate, balancing the bird on its 2 legs and the can like a tripod.
      Cook the chicken over medium-high, indirect heat (i.e. no coals or burners on directly under the bird), with the grill cover on, for approximately 1 1/4 hours or until the internal temperature registers 165 degrees F in the breast area and 180 degrees F in the thigh, or until the thigh juice runs clear when stabbed with a sharp knife. Remove from grill and let rest for 10 minutes before carving.

    Where can I find Building plans for a large outside BBQ pit.?
    I need to find a good design because I will be cooking 300-400 Chickens a weekend with this. I thought about it and if there is a way for the chicken to be loaded into a hinge mounted rack that holds 50 or so pieces of chicken that can be flipped without turning every piece but to be able to turn the whole rack over. .

    • ANSWER:
      Ever think of your local library ??
      Thousands of books in the construction section
      a copy machine right there at your disposal for instant use
      AND if you are in REAL need to take a reference you find THERE to the internet—most provide computers with connections right there on hand as well !!!

    How to book a bbq pit in East Coast Park, Singapore ?
    Where to contact to book one ? How long can I book ? Price ? What should I bring and where is the best place to buy them ? Thankssss

    • ANSWER:
      How & where to Book: You can book online at NPB website or any AXS station machine (It’s peak now so maybe you want to do it fast).

      Price: ~.00- .00/ slot
      What should I bring & where is the best place to Buy:
      This depends on your budget and if you have a private transport.

      For Standard F&B and stuff of BBQ check online BBQ Website: , you can have a guide on what you need from this website.

      They cater all type of food & BBQ stuff for easy & hassle free BBQ experience, you can choose to do it yourself but it will be a very busy day.
      Other entertainment equipment will be deem what you folks like.

    i want to buy a real bbq pit with a firebox..?
    the only thing i’ve ever used is one of the cheap ones you have to put your wood and charcoal directly under the food.

    you can’t slow cook and smoke meats like brisket and ribs on these things.

    can anyone offer advice on how to use a firebox for a first timer. is it true that by putting wood in the firebox it will generate enough heat to cook the meat without having anything directly under the meat?

    i love mesquite wood…

    thanks for any help!

    • ANSWER:
      Yep. This is the Weber version of a smoker. It’s tall enough to have a fire on the bottom (use soaked wood for slow cooking/smoking), a pan of water (or use beer) and meat on top.

      It takes a long time but it will eventually cook. You can try different combinations of wood (including using various flavored wood chips) to see what you like best.

    Where can you get plans on line to build a back yard brick bbq pit/grill?

    • ANSWER:

    How long does it take to smoke a turkey on a bbq pit?

    • ANSWER:
      The best answer is probably @ 1800 BUTTERBALL – they know turkey :]

    are you suppose to soak bamboo skewers before grilling on a BBQ pit?
    I trying to make shrimp shishakbobs for a family gathering and I don’t want to start a fire. are you suppose to soak the sticks in sometype of solution before putting them on the grill. HELP ME PLEASE!!!LOL

    • ANSWER:
      Yes.. Soak them in water for at least 30 min before you use them AND put aluminum foil on the ends not covered by food so they don’t dry out and burn.

    How do i remove rust from my stainless steel bbq pit?

    • ANSWER:
      I use CLR or Naval jelly to remove rust on my stainless BBQ. I then put a coat of paste wax on it (car wax) to prevent it from rusting again. Not sure if you rust is on an area that would get hot. If so I would think the wax would burn off!

    i have a crock pot bbq pit, how can i cook a spiral sliced ham in it?
    should i do it? on high or low and for how long

    • ANSWER:
      NO, don’t do it. I believe that your spiral sliced ham is ALREADY FULLY COOKED. Mine have always been. I’ve had HONEY BAKED HAMS as well as Hillshire Farms, Honey cured hams. They are ALL fully cooked. So, just cut at serve! JUST as is cold . Simply delicious!
      If you heat it at all….all of the delicious flavor evaporates! Poof! it’s gone! and the meat is DRY. Don’t heat it! Just cut and serve COLD. (But, FIRST read the directions….and see if it TRULY says: Fully Cooked. It may be in small print…but, you’ll most likely find in on the ham bag.) I’ve had spiral sliced hams for about 12 years, now, and always make sure they are “Fully Cooked” ready to eat. ENJOY!

    CAD Brick Design for BBQ Pit?
    I am thinking of building a custom BBQ pit out of bricks this year. Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to create 3D models of the brick structure on a brick-by brick process, or anything that would be of help.

    preferablly free

    • ANSWER:
      there r several but for free you could use google sketchup it does not have the versatility of autodesk inventor cad or rhinoceros but it will work for what u r doing plus it free so u save a couple hundred bucks

    how do i deep pit bbq?
    I m talking about digging a hole and throwing the meat inside all day. I know its probably more complicated than that.

    • ANSWER:
      I know some Mexicans who cook cow’s heads and goats this way. They did a hole in the ground and build a big hardwood fire in it. While the fire is burning down to a nice big bed of coals, they take the seasoned meat and wrap it in wet burlap. Be sure to wrap some bailing wire around your burlap bundle so you can pull it up out of the pit when it finished cooking! Once the bed of coals is ready, they put the burlap wrapped meat into the hole, forcing hot coals around the sides and some over the top of the meat. Then cover the hole up with soil, making sure your wires are sticking out so you can retrieve the meat later. Let it stay buried in the hole overnight, probably about 10 or 12 hours depending on size of meat, and then pull it out of the hole, peel of the burlap, and enjoy some excellent barbacoa!

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