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Built In Bbq

Summer is here and outside dinning is a terrific way to bring family and friends together. Convert that grill on wheels to a custom built-in BBQ that you will be proud of. With so many different products on the market today, such as weatherproof cabinetry, you can design your own outdoor kitchen.

You should begin your project with a drawing of how you want your built-in BBQ layout to look. Make sure your BBQ design includes plenty of counter space. Today’s built-in BBQs are primarily constructed out of steel-studs, because of it’s 00004000 ease to work with, it allows you the freedom to create almost any size and style BBQ you desire.

Your design can have many different features such as: a bar top or an elongated island with an umbrella, trellis or even a grass Palapa to provide shade for your guests.A raised back splash behind the grill can give your built-in BBQ a beautiful finished look. It also enables you to add decorative lighting and brighten your work surface during the evening. Consider adding a tabletop fire bowl or a built in fireplace giving your guests a warm place to gather in the cool evening.

Make sure you locate your BBQ in an area of your backyard that offensive smoke won’t be drawn in to your covered patio or home. In many cases a new foundation may be necessary. Stamped-colored concrete or brick pavers can be a beautiful beginning to your built-in BBQ feature.

Power, water & gas will be the basis for your backyard entertaining, providing the modern grill master with the necessary appliances and fixtures at his fingertips. You will need to establish the connection of some or all of these utilities at the start of your project.

Design-Build features to consider:

  • Sink
  • Refrigerator/Ice maker
  • Built-in condiment trays/Side burners
  • Custom weatherproof cabinetry
  • Open shelving for extra storage
  • Dishwasher
  • Smoker
  • Misting system
  • Stainless steel doors and shelving

The finishes of your built-in BBQ depends upon your personality and budget. First decide on the type of theme you want to create (Tuscany, Modern, Caribbean, Southwest ect.) in your backyard. There are many different wall surface combinations you can use to achieve your goal, such as; stucco with pop-outs, ceramic or slate tile accents, medallions, mosaic tile insets, stone or brick. When selecting your countertop surface, it should be a hard durable surface such as granite or ceramic tile, easy to clean and maintain.

A custom Design-Build BBQ is a great way to enhance the value of your home and create the perfect backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

    i`ve built a BBQ/wood burner in my garden, what is the best wood to burn with the least amount of smoke?
    i use coals on the BBQ, but later on as the night closes in & the temprature drops i light the fire, i used normal timber last time but there was alot of there some kind of wood i can buy or collect which lets off less smoke.

    • ANSWER:
      Birch? It heats up a lot but you’ll always deal with the smoke… So take advantage of it for flavoring and use hickory!

    How much would it cost to have a large brick bbq pit built by a contractor in texas?
    It would need to cook 4+ briskets at once so you get the size and the need for smoking capability.

    • ANSWER:
      This will depend on many factors i.e. design, type of brick used and many more.

      Contact at least 3 contractors in your area and get bids. Then choose the one that best fit your needs and budget.

    how do i put a spit on a built in bbq?
    we’ve built a stone bbq in our wall, its got a chimney and all ob it looks really nice, only problem is i love doing spit roast on bbqs and we cant figure out how to use one as its a stone bbq, any ideas would be great

    • ANSWER:
      We had this. Bought some forked hooks and drilled into side of bbq on inside walls and screwed them in. The spit just rested in the forks. Bought hooks from b and q but dont know what they were called sorry.

    Can you build -in any BBQ into an outdoor built-in island?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can.

    Outdoor built-in BBQ units..?
    Can anyone offer feedback on a 36″ outdoor grill made by American Outdoor Grill? We are putting in an outdoor kitchen/island and need to choose a grill. We don’t need top of the line, but don’t want to compromise quality. Any suggestions on price, quality of other built in grills is appreciated too!

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t recall where I got mine, it was close to 0, all stainless steel, basically a charcoal unit that had the base chopped off. I built my ‘stand’ from concrete blocks, then bricked around, then ceramic tile on the top. Also bought a pair of stainless steel doors, close to 0 for them. Now have a built in storage for couple hundred pounds of charcoal. Added an outside temperature gauge.

    has anyone built a deep pit bbq with a 55 gallon drum?? i know itll work great….please share?
    my father in law built one with a 55 gl drum and a field hay flipper disk for a cover.. from what i remember everything tasted great!!! i just dont remember how to wrap the meat and if i can put other things in there to make the smoke more flavorable ( banana leaves, orange peels, etc.) and how to wrap them. advice appreciated!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Wrapping the meat? Won’t that keep the smoke away from the meat?
      For the smoke I really do recommend just the hardwoods. Fruit woods especially. I use a dry rub on many meats before smoking, or a seasoned brine. The brine for Turkey and Chicken for sure.
      I made my first smoker from two drums many years ago. The smoking chamber was one drum horizontal on legs. Cut the other drum in half and attached it to the first at one end near the bottom for the fire box. The wife bought my current one several years ago. Same configuration just heavier steel, made by Brinkmann. It’s larger too. You can email for more discussion of how I use it. There are also many websites. Definitely try some dry rubs.

    I would like to know how to build a BBQ pit for a pig, But for above ground.?
    I would like to have a party in my back yard and i would like to make it a pig roast but the only thing is. my husband doesn’t want to dig up our back yard for it. So we were wondering if anyone knew how to make a BBQ pit for above ground. We have heard you can use cender blocks and tin foil. but we aren’t to sure. if there is anyone out there that know how please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      we used a large galvanized tub…new and clean…and filled it with rocks and charcoal. Then we made a spit over it…our pig weighed (dressed) about 45 pounds. The spit was run by battery at first but then we took turns turning while one basted. it was fantastic. Make sure you start really early.

    I need a source that can provide parts or replacement coal tray for a built in (brick)Feastmaster BBQ?
    My Feastmaster gill is in set in a brick BBQ with a fan assisted chimney that is in my patio. . The charcoal tray than can be raised and lowered below the grill is rusted out. Its dimensions are 22″l x 14w x 2″deep.

    • ANSWER:
      if your unable to find parts
      try a local welding or machine shop to make a replacement

    Using a 30lb Propane tank for the outdoor BBQ Grill?
    Has anyone used a 30lb propane tank for an outdoor BBQ Grill? The book says to use only 20lb tanks, but the pressure appears to be same for a 30lb tank, so why not use a bigger tank for that outdoor grill, I would think the built in BBQ Grill regulator would keep the pressure safe, and that way you have more fuel for your grill (Less refills)? Thoughts/Ideas/Suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      You can use a 30lb if you want but most BBQ frames store the tank underneath, and 30lb tanks are signifigantly taller and generally don’t fit. However, if a 30lb tank fits your unit, go right ahead. No safety concerns etc.

    “Building A BBQ and need to hook up burners… How?”?
    Building a very Big BBQ grill and need to Hook in Burners To the propane. The buners Come with a hose but I am not sure what I need to connect the gas line to the buners hoses. I am not using a conventional valve to turn the gas on so I will need to fabricate a fitting to hook them in. does this fitting have to be tight? or have holes for air to enter the mixture? any help with this will help! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      From the sound of things, you’ll need a converter switch to put on top off your propane to connect to your grill. You can purchase this at the following:Sears, Lowes, or Home Depot.

    how do i build a BBQ grill to fit in my house and use it without setting the house on fire?
    Long story simply want to lose weight and keep it off.

    • ANSWER:
      A BBQ grill indoors requires a special fireproof exhaust fan/duct.
      If you just want to ‘lose weight and keep it off” it would be much
      easier to just use the broiler in your oven, with a grill or rack
      to catch and remove the grease.

    on a built-in Firemagic bbq,where could I attach a gas valve timer?

    • ANSWER:
      Contact the dealer and get advice from them.

    What’s a good site for BBQ pit plans?
    I’m looking to build a BBQ in my back yard out of bricks or something and would like to find some plans on how to.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some styles complete with plans and bill of materials. Enjoy!

      And here’s more

    How to build a BBQ surround?
    The wife and I are finishing our backyard. We want to do an outdoor kitchen area. We want to use our existing ‘roller grill’ and not buy a drop in just because. We have heard of BBQ Surrounds, but the plans themselves seem hard to find. Has anybody done one? Have plans? We are espically wondering about the ventilation requirements for around the grill.
    Any help/plans/photos/links would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      Here’s one I found really helpful. If I build mine I’m going to use this method.,,20208184,00.html

    How can I stop the cement going really dry on my new brick bbq?
    I have recently built a brick bbq and the cement/sand between the brick has gone really dry and a very light grey colour – nothing like the colour of the cement between the bricks on my house. I think it may be because I have too much cement in the sand to cement ratio, which is approx 3:1 respectively. Can you help?

    • ANSWER:
      It takes awhile for cement to cure completely but it really is hard to get colors to match especially if there is an age difference between the house and grill. Aged cement will always be a different shade than new cement. The sand used can affect the color as well as water and mortar mix. A concrete stain can be used to give a different color. There are stains for dry and stains for wet concrete so watch what you buy.

    When building a BBQ island… there a standard size for a drop in unit?
    from the little searching I’ve done, I see quite a few different drop in BBQ’s. I’d like to make the opening a size that fits a variety of brands… there a specific size that works for many different BBQ brands?


    • ANSWER:
      Most people buy the unit they want first, and build to fit it.

    building a builtin bbq for my courtyard are there any requirements by law to do this if so what ?
    wanting to build built in bbq in my courtyard very limited with space where can i put this or what are some options do i need a rangehood if or near house roof,
    or easier to stay away from house if possible

    • ANSWER:
      You would need to check with the local Building Official. They are the only one who can tell you what your city or town requires. You can also contact the local Gas Utility, they can give you information as to how to site and build your project, plus their requirements.
      Be sure to ask if permits are needed, also find out if you can do the work yourself. In some areas the homeowner may not be allowed to extend or install gas piping.

    How can I stop birds from building nests in my bbq?
    I have tried a cover but they still get in. I clean it and use it and two days later it is full os sticks again. Looking for something that will deter them from building in the bbq.

    • ANSWER:
      You have to block the hole where they are getting in or put the whole bbq in a shed or something they cant get into.

    where can i buy long life bbq grills and trays?
    im building a bbq for charity and need 4 grills and 4 trays to be cemented in etc. please help

    • ANSWER:
      in a Home Depot near you. they have everything! =]

    What issue of Maxim had plans to build a brick bbq?
    Does anyone know what issue of Maxim (it was either last summer or summer 2007) has the plans for building your own brick bbq/fire pit? I really wanted to build one and my girlfriend trashed all my old maxim mags! So if anyone knows what issue had the directions in it, I could back order it…


    • ANSWER:
      Man I wish I knew… but you can probably get plans online. or if you’re really dedicated to having maxim’s fire pit, go on amazon or ebay and buy last summer’s and summer 2007’s issues.

    How much would it costs roughly to build a brick BBQ?
    I live in a fraternity and we were figuring a nice addition to our house would be a brick BBQ on the back patio. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight to the costs of doing something like this would be……
    I do not know exactly just like a standard one 4 by 3ft I guess possibly or 3 X 3 ft
    Lowest cost as possible……..

    • ANSWER:
      I did the same for my frat back in the day. We raised 750 bucks, found a free design on the Internet, and it took us a good week. It is important that you lay a good foundation with ree-bar, and let it set for at least two days before continuing. Also i recommend that you buy your grills and fire pan before constructing, that way you can build around it. Also a fire door came in really handy! Have fun

    Is there a Webb site that will show ME how to build an outside kitchen for my BBQ?
    I want to build in my BBQ ab
    nd I want to learn how to build the cabinate base for it?

    • ANSWER:
      This may not be exactly what you want (maybe it is?) – but should provide useful information…..,,2085,DIY_16808_3836986,00.html

    Can I disassemble a regular bbq to be used as a drop in for a built in?
    I am contemplating purchasing a regular bbq and taking it apart to be used as a “drop in” in my built in outdoor counter. I was told it is not safe and i must use the “drop in” this true?

    • ANSWER:
      I don,t see why it wouldn,t work just fine. After all, All a portable grill is, is a grill bolted to a cart.

    What is the best foundation for concrete BBQ pit?
    I want to build a concrete BBQ pit. I was wondering whether it would be better to use a bed of gravel or a concrete slab. I live in the northeast and thought using gravel would withstand the temperature changes, and would provide better drainage. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      You will need both – place med sizse gravel at least 3 inches under the level of the surround dirt. Make a form to pour a concrete base for your BBQ ; after pouring at least 3 inches of wet concrete mix let it dry for at least a week. You can then safely place bricks, rocks,or whatever combines to make your BBQ pit. Because of the weight of your BBQ, you needed to supply a firm base for it to keep it from sinking in our northeastern soil.
      Suggestion; build the actual frame out of concrete blocks, line the firebed with firebricks, and cover the exterior with mortared-on rocks picked up from the area, or from a nearby creek – talk about beautiful! If you decide on this option, e-mail me and let me offer some instruction help; I have worked with rocks and concrete for the last 20 years and love to help out others that develop the same passion.

    i am building a bbq island and was wandering if i could use a freestanding grill as a drop in grill somehow?

    • ANSWER:
      From what I’ve helped friends build, you can use a stand alone grill, but generally you get better results either with expanded metal in a frame over a stone/brick firebox, or using steel/stainless round stock welded into a frame over the same firebox. The problem with framed cook tops is that, unless you find a place that sells them you have to have them custom made. From past experience, if you have a friend that welds have them do it for say a 6 pack of beer, or check with a high school vocational-educational department and see if some kid will make it up (in the day or two it takes) for 10-15 dollars over cost. If you want to pay a professional it will take about 2 hours to weld (for a pro) and cost you about 30$ over cost of materials (materials will run you about 11$ (Low carbon steel), 18$ (high carbon steel), 22$, (308 stainless), 21$ (316 stainless), 31$ (Inconel 600) 49$ (Monel 317), 52$ (Titanium), 6$ (Aluminum)). I would recommend footing the extra cash for 316 Stainless because at the kind of heat you have in a grill, it will be the best for the cost, unless you want to pay for titanium. The problem with titanium is that it’s “hard” to weld, and you’ll have problems finding some one to manufacture it.

    The flame on my plumbed in natural gas BBQ “pulses”.?
    I have a Dacor 52″ built in BBQ grill that came with the house I just purchased. The flame on the burners is low and also pulses. It barely starts and then the flame will fade away after about 10 seconds. The starter will reactivate and it will relight after a while. The flame is always low, however.

    I had a service guy come out and he checked it for spiders, etc. I also had a new supply line installed (5/8″). I think it’s one of two things. Either I need a new regulator or the gas supply from the main line is too low pressure. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Your supply line is probably too small. It’s very common to hook up a gas grill using tubing rather than carbon steel pipe. But if you look in your house, you probably have 1 inch pipe or larger from the gas meter to the gas furnace and stove. Normal household pressure is not measured in pounds, but rather in ounces of pressure. Too small a diameter or too long a run of tubing will drop the pressure way down.

      You may be able to get around this, by replacing the gas burner and the valves on the grill to run on a lower pressure supply.

    How do I clean chemicals off the BBQ?
    After coming home from vacation, I was quite surprised and not at all happy to find a wasp nest being built inside in my BBQ. Yup, lid closed and everything, they still found a way to start one under the “warming rack.”

    I had to use nest killing chemicals to take care of the problem, but now I have a BBQ with poison all over it. I tried to close it and let the stuff burn off – BIG mistake. What I got were noxious fumes in a rather unnatural color.

    So I guess I am going to have to scrub the living daylights out of this and replace the lava rocks. Does anyone have any suggestions to help make sure I make it clean enough to cook on again?

    • ANSWER:
      Of course replace the lava rocks, then remove the grill, place it in a large plastic garbage bag, pour in about a pint of ammonia, tie the bag closed and leave it for a day. The next day remove grill from bag, hose it off and you are ready to go.

    I want to build a fiebirck BBQ grill in my backyard? Anyone have any ideas or schematics for a good one?

    • ANSWER:
      go to your local diy store and buy a kit, hopefully you wont go wrong!

    what do i need to build a brick bbq in the back garden and how would i do it?

    • ANSWER:
      both regular brick and fireplace brick
      concrete mix
      2 2X4s and cuttin tools
      other grill accessories

      Clear and area out on the ground. remove the sod and build a form for a concrete base. mix and pour the concrete and allow to set. remove form and begin stacking your bricks in an interlocking pattern using the mortar mixed according to the package directions…on the inside where the fire will go, use the fireplace bricks…its all a matter of how you want it layed out. To make it fancier, you could leave a groove in the brick for the grill surface and build a backsplash etc…

    BBQ pit help.. please?
    i am in great need of plans on how to build a BBQ pit smoker if you have any ideas or adivce.. it would be grealty appreciated..

    • ANSWER:
      See if this helps you : Have fun :

    Anyone tried to build in a weber coal kettle grill into a bbq island?
    I’ve searched online and i havent found any info on this. i plan to build a bbq island with a built in gas grill and a built in weber kettle coal grill but im not sure if the weber would function properly built in…not sure about air ventilation and heat dissipitation etc…anyone have any info on this?
    i meant installing outdoors…i planned on building the island with cement blocks but i wasnt sure if the weber would work properly if it was enclosed

    • ANSWER:
      Ive seen it done outdoors, so (providing you have somekind of exaust setup) why not indoors?

    Where would be a good place to find a full time, temporary welding job?
    I would like to find a job welding for maybe a year in the US (preferably west coast), just to make some money before I go off to school. I have never had a real job as a welder; I have only taken shop, competed in Ag Mech, and built a BBQ.

    Do you know of an area that is in high demand of welders?

    • ANSWER:
      If you can pass a welding test, you can look up local fab shops and ask if there are any open positions.

      If you want to weld in California, I believe you need to be able to pass both a written test and practical welding test. You are not allowed to use power tools for CA certification. And the book(S) required, for study, for the written test can cost up to 0 or more. This is the price for (Steel) AWS D1.1, which I needed for my test. There are also, if you want certs for these as well, aluminum D1.2, sheet steel D1.3, and reinforcing steel. It’s also suggested that you understand weld symbols and have a basic welding book.

      As for Oregon, and Washington, I’m not sure if they require anything other than AWS or ASME(for pipe) certs.

      You can also look up
      You have to subscribe, or buy a single issue. It’s an online magazine for welders, fitters, iron workers, etc. This, however, is industrial, in the field work, for power plants, refineries, shipyards, etc.

      Hope this helps some.

    where in London can i buy a long large cooking grill to build my own BBQ?
    (and i mean long, like 1 meter long or more!)

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on which London you mean. Which state is it in? AR, PA, KY, OH?

      Or, maybe try the UK boards.;_ylt=AiKs.Mi2oIUZbYHEgnvVp3EazKIX;_ylv=3

    How do I build In a BBQ not gas one a charcoal one!!?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to and look up the thread on a UDS (Ugly drum smoker) it’s your best bang for the buck and there are lots of people that can help you there.

    What is the legal age to BBQ in California?
    A group of friends and I want to have a BBQ at the local park. The BBQ’s are built in the park, and have some picnic tables around. We are all 16-17 years old, the oldest being 17 and 1/2. Assuming we have all the required materials to BBQ (such as coal and a lighter), are we legally allowed to BBQ? (no parents, or anyone over 18)

    • ANSWER:
      You want to use a grill at the park!?! I think that’s very unsanitary. They had those at a park I used to go to. People cooked cow’s tongue, pig’s feet, ears, and nose, goat organs, especially the stomach. Most don’t even clean up, there are parts of the animal burnt stuck on the grill.

      There’s no legal age to grill in a park. If you guys get too rowdy, then the cops get involved. No alcohol!

      Edit: What my parent’s did was replace the grill on the BBQ thingy. I suppose you could do that.

    I need some secret tips on cleaning a stainless steel bbq cover?
    I have a built-in FireMagic Regal II bbq. The thing is rather large and it’s all stainless steel. To clean the hood, I typically use furniture spray (it’s oil based and actually works well). The front of the hood doesn’t get too many stains.

    However, the front plate (w/controls) has black grease drips. I can easily remove the front plate if necessary. The furnuture polish doesn’t work well on that for removing stains, etc.

    I need suggestions for making that front plate super shiny w/out using an abrasive. I live in Southern Californial. Thanks.
    I’ve purposely kept this question open because there were so many good ideas. I did try the vinegar idea. It did indeed clean well if I applied a lot of elbow grease. However, if you’ve seen the size of my bbq then I could be spending hours and hours. I’ll keep trying everyone’s suggestions. Thank you for the great answers.

    • ANSWER:

    BBQ pit plans?
    I’m looking for a small brick or cinder block plan on how to build a BBQ in my back yard. Anyone know of any good websites?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know of any websites but I have seen books on BBQ pit plans at both lowes and home depot.

    I can’t light my BBQ Grill anymore with the built-in starter.?
    It’s one of those push-button types, that make a loud noise when you push it. It no longer lights the grill. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey those things are a peice of shit. I know exactly how you feel about that because it happens to alot of good BBQ’s. I replaced mine 3 times then just gave up on them and light it with a lighter instead. If you want go the website for it and order the new part.

    Building a BBQ ??
    Need to buy charcoal tray and cooking shelf !! Suggestgions on where in or around meath ireland

    • ANSWER:
      woodies diy ir b”nq

    out door bbq bussness?
    I want to start a bbq Business ive rented a building i will be building a bbq pit an smoker outside. Whats the best way about find in out what ins an health laws i need to go by. I don’t want to waste money om lawyers if its something i can do. I want to cook a little inside to but seating an orders will be done outside not in the building.

    • ANSWER:

    what are the reqirements for registration of a trailer in louisiana?
    what i want to do is build this bbq grill made from the front end of a car. i want to put a trailer tongue on the front and tow it behind my truck to tailgating parties and whatnot…

    • ANSWER:
      make sure the trailer meets DOT requirements and go to DMV and tell them you want to register an homemade trailer and they might ask if you have an picture of it and tell them you made the trailer to minimum DOT requirements for it . most likely they will give you an metal tag which identify that trailer(like VIN for cars) and a state tags

    If a man’s wife builds a BBQ pit in her back yard, does that mean she wants to ” cook his goose ” ?

    With all the problems in so many marriges today, I was just wonderin’…LOL.

    • ANSWER:
      If a man’s wife builds a BBQ pit in her back yard, it means she thinks her husband is an amazing man who tames fire and roasts meat to perfection. It means she wants a place where he can be king of the domain because she admires his manly traits.

      Invite all your other manly friends over to enjoy this gift from your wife.

    bbq pitmasters,can anyone help me find a design for a bbq?
    i have been watching bbq pitmasters and have decided to build a bbq.i am a metal fabricatior so it shouldnt be hard to build but i would like to have a blue print to follow as the top bbq’ers mention water basins,smoking ect which i have no clue about.any help would be great,thanks in advance for any info.if you like bbqs check out the new show on tlc bbq pitmasters.

    • ANSWER:
      I have watched pitmasters and it so much fun seeing all of the foods they make. You might have to design your own blue prints.
      If you post this question in Home & Garden (DYI) there are many people that would love to help you and give you many answers. Have fun!

    Bbq pitmasters,can anyone help me find a design for a bbq?
    i have been watching bbq pitmasters and have decided to build a bbq.i am a metal fabricatior so it shouldnt be hard to build but i would like to have a blue print to follow as the top bbq’ers mention water basins,smoking ect which i have no clue about.any help would be great,thanks in advance for any info.if you like bbqs check out the new show on tlc bbq pitmasters.
    i can work out the basics ok,i am looking info on where to place a water basin,should it be open or partialy closed in,how much water should the basin hold,best way to heat the water?,the best way to smoke,vents feeding the bottom should this smoke be circulated by an air pump?should i use one fire to cook and another to smoke(using diferent feuls)ect?im not planning on making a small bbq im aiming for something like taffys.thanks

    • ANSWER:
      a steel fitter who can read blue prints can draw them also. they don’t need to be pretty or to scale. just draw a sketch of what you want, and fill in the dimensions. if you work for a company, the drafters there can print a rough draft of your bbq pit with the dimensions. as a self proclaimed pit master, and metal fabricator myself, i built my pit from a 3 foot, 18 inch pipe, without a drawing. just designing and building as i needed. if you cant get a drawing, try an internet search for “BBQ Pit designs” hope this helps, and happy building and cooking!!!

    Have any of you ever tried to build your own mongolian bbq? I’m thinking about buying a wok, freezing meat..
    I love mongolian bbq. I love it so much I want to cook it myself and eat it whenever I want. Mongolian restaurants have meet that comes frozen…is it possible to buy meat thinly sliced and frozen like that? Where do the Mongolian restaurants buy it? Also – the noodles…can you buy them in the Asian section of any grocery store? Has anyone tried to do it with just a simple Wok? The plan is to get a ton of meat to throw in the freezer…keep the veggies in portions…and eat it almost every day. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

    • ANSWER:
      you’ll need a large deep-freeze, and a large area for your wok…

    what is the distance a bbq is “required” to be away from a house in AZ?
    I’m building a bbq and countertop on the side of my patio overhang. I’m wondering what the legal minimum distance that a bbq has to be from the house in AZ. The patio ia connected to the house and the bbq is on the far edge.
    I need to know what the legal distance is I can’t seem to find it. I know what’s safe and all but I don’t want to build something I may have to take down if I sell the house.

    • ANSWER:
      I remember my grill manual saying there should be a minimum of 10 to 12inches of clearence, also your in a very dry climate, to be safe i’d go as far away as possible with no dry vegitation around either, but still try to maintain the asthetic look of it next to your patio:)

    I am trying to research a back yard design. It is a wooded area with a lot of privacy. Need help with idea.?
    I am looking for a web site that has ideas for separated deck with fire pit. Now the catch is, this deck needs to be covered? This is Washington area, and beautiful. Maybe build in BBQ area. Lap pool on lower level of area on the right side of the yard, also a hot tub flowing in lap pool possible with a sauna in design. Idea is to finish the deck that was started and add all these other amenities. This yard is already beautiful. There are animals that come and eat in the fairy setting.
    The family likes to entertain out in the back. They want shelter from the rain and still be able to enjoy the out side. The fire pit will eventually be in the center of the deck.
    The idea is a good one. I am looking for different web sites with pictures of designs that can fit this description. This is a presentation I am proposing for a final project and portfolio.

    • ANSWER:
      I would go with a Bali like hut with a spa or hot tub under it. with wooden decking up to it and some of the huts can even be closed in or with shutters to open it up . stools beside it for people not participating in the dip (so to speak).

      I think the Bali hut styles look very nice, instead of the slatted wooden , because of the different textures.
      even the carved shutters (depending on how elaborate you want to go with it).

      would work well with a fire pit.

    build your own bbq?
    i want to build my own bbq area in my garden is there any good sites with pics plans or just ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      do some homework work on intenet u will get easily answer

    How can I support a row of block/brick up over a gap in a bbq grill I’m making?
    I’m building a bbq grill out of block and brick off of my deck outside. I’m using cement blocks with type s mortar to make the unit and using bricks with type s for outter decor after it’s done. I left an opening for storage on the front and want to bridge the top part to finish construction and box in the storage area. I seen brickwork over windows that has metal pieces over the gap and was wondering if that would be the best way for what I’m doing. Any help?

    • ANSWER:
      what you have seen is a lintel, but as you are not building a house do not go to the expense of using one. far cheaper and perfectly suited is a length of 40 mm angle iron. you might have an old bed frame you could cut to get some.

    Need suggestions to make new Pergola structure more sturdy.?
    My husband just finish building a BBQ Island and a Pergola shade structure in our backyard. They look beautiful, however, the pergola is not too sturdy at the momment. If you push on it it rocks back and forth. He secured it to the ground with concrete anchors, and we are thinking that maybe that is the problem. Wishing we would have been able to cement it into the ground. Would bracing the corners help at all and how would you do that? Any other suggestions would be awesome! Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      if you are SURE that it is secure to the ground, then you probably could brace the corners somehow to stabilize it. if your husband can build a pergola then he should be able to figure it out. it’s one of those things i’d have to see to completely understand it. i know that didnt help really. if you dont get any ideas from here and it’s still an issue, feel free to email me a picture/pictures of it and i’d be glad to try to help you if i can.

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